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One of my favorite March Madness moments ever.  This is a piece for Bucknell University Athletics that highlights their basketball program’s sustained success starting with their historic win over #3 Kansas in the 2005 NCAA Tournament.  The full version of the video will be featured in Bucknell’s on-campus arena.

Hi Phil.... We came to the screening today of the Unbelievable is Believable Here. That was so incredible. You did an amazing job and we loved every minute of it. We actually went to all the games on the way to the Final 4 and it captured our experience perfectly. I had the same emotions today as I did back in March 2011. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am wondering if you can sell us a copy of the movie? Thanks so much! Carol

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Carol— Thank you so much for attending the screening today.  I truly appreciate your kind words and am glad you enjoyed the film.  I would love to sell you a copy!! My current mission is solidifying all of the licenses so I can do just that.  It should be available on DVD and streaming in the near future (hard to give an exact date), and if you go to, you can leave your email to be notified of availability.  Thank you for writing and supporting the film!

- Phil 

Kurt Vonnegut Explains Why You’ll Like “Unbelievable is Believable”



Kurt Vonnegut’s rejected senior thesis broke down stories into simple curves.  It was rejected by his professors at the University of Chicago because, “it was so simple and looked like too much fun.”  Vonnegut later gave talks on the topic, and in the video below (marker 2:14) he explains the curve of “the most popular story in our civilization”…the “Cinderella” story.

Sports Illustrated called the 2011 VCU rams “the most improbable Final Four team ever.”  That team defied the odds and the pundits for three (dare I say magical?) weeks.  They beat 5 BCS schools, and broke the NCAA tournament record for made 3-pointers.  Statistically speaking, they played out of their gourds (get it?) for 5 games.  The odds of them making the Final Four were 820-1.  Their Final Four opponent, Butler, was a 37-1 long shot by comparison.  And from my perspective, they did it in a way that was true to the spirit of the VCU and greater Richmond communities.  There have been, and will be, other Cinderella’s.  This film is a humble attempt at capturing the magic of one of them.

"Unbelievable is Believable Here" is premiering at the Richmond International Film Festival in Richmond, VA on Sunday March 2, 2014.  Tickets can be purchased on the festival’s website.

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Unbelievable is Believable, Here.

MSFF schedule is out!  My short, Roanoke to Tel Aviv, will screen at the 12th Annual Miami Short Film Festival on the evening of November 13, 2013.  The film will be included in the “Endings & Beginnings” program, a grouping of 10 films from across the globe that “explore the nature of the in-between, questioning the grandeur of our ambitions and the humility of our origins.”