Client Work: FINsix

Product video for the FINsix DART's Kickstarter launch.

Phil Wall - Director, Producer, 2nd Camera, Editor  |  Henry Young - Producer, Cinematographer, Assistant Editor
Drew Silverstein - Original Score
This product video was shot in Menlo Park, CA and San Francisco, CA in March 2014.  FINsix is a tech startup and wanted to produce a video to help launch their first product, the DART.  This was my first professional collaboration with Henry Young, a San Francisco-based cinematographer/editor.  We had previously worked together at the University of Southern California's Summer Film Workshop in 2005.  Henry, who is a graduate of USC, was the TA for the cinematography class.  I ended up collaborating with him on a few of the class projects, including KILLER IMAGINATION, which was later featured in a few short film festivals.
This project needed to be centered on the product's form and function.  We decided to shoot on a turntable with white plexiglass to get some sexy shots of the DART.  Then we found a clean coffee shop in downtown SF for the "action" shots. FINsix supplied a mockup of a wall outlet that we used on the turntable.
Camera - Red EPIC
2nd Camera - Canon 5D
Sound - Tascam DR-100
Henry Young on the Red EPIC during the product shoot.
FINsix CEO, Vanessa Green, rehearsing her lines.
The FINsix DART Kickstarter campaign launched on 4/14/14 and raised over $200,000 in under 24 hours.
The project's success landed it a featured spot on Kickstarter's homepage under "popular."  The video received over 90,000 views in under 48 hours.
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