Independent Feature: The Book Keepers

A widower goes all out to promote his late wife's book in hopes of ensuring her legacy and making the book a best seller.  Through his journey he confronts grief, guilt and new love. More at

Format: Feature Documentary
Status: Production
Director: Phil Wall
Camera: Phil Wall, Michael Hagan
Editors: Phil Wall, StoryMine Media (
Trailer: coming soon
Awards/Grants: The Southern Documentary Fund

Brief Synopsis: In 2014, Carol Wall's debut memoir, Mister Owita's Guide to Gardening, was published to critical acclaim.  Carol Wall, however, was too sick to participate in promoting the book.  She was dying of cancer.  Before her death, she told her youngest son, "You take care of our book."  She died nine months after the book's publication, and one week before it was named a Top 10 Book of the Year by both USA Today and AARP.  After her death, Carol's husband, Dick Wall, embarked on a quest to do everything in his power to ensure that Carol's book reach its audience.  Made by the couple's youngest son, this film is follows their love story, their dream interrupted and Dick's quest to tell the world about her book and the lessons he's learned about living and loving after loss.
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